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Super Bowl 73: Chapter One

April 20th, 2017 at 12:10 PM
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In a departure from our normal analysis, and as a change up to the ways we pass the time leading up to the NFL Draft, I would like to share with you all a fictional short story I’ve been working on. I originally started writing this after the game between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos last season, but felt the desire to finish it now during the offseason. It is eight chapters in length, with each one being fairly brief, but hopefully compelling enough to keep you all reading. I hope you enjoy it.

Super Bowl 73

A short story by Erik Sommers

Chapter One

As the sun rises on another cold February morning in the Catskills Mountains of western New York, an old man throws another log onto a smoldering fire. The flames glow a bright orange, and the sap inside the wood crackles like popcorn popping in an iron kettle as the man takes his seat in an old leather recliner front and center. The mantle is decadent but worn. The stones have smoothed over completely from years of wood dragging over their face, and the finish on the mahogany trim is beginning to peel, revealing a less impressive hue of grey in spots. A line of trophies and plaques …

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